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How I Stopped yelling And Punishing my kids and now have peace and laughter in our home
Hi! I’m so happy you're here! My name is Désirée Ferrari. I’m a Certified Parenting Coach and a mom of two amazing teenagers who are especially gifted at keeping me on my toes by challenging me in ways I could never imagine, making me laugh, driving me nearly insane, melting my heart, and reminding why I love being a mom so much!! Yes, sometimes being a parent is ALL OF THESE THINGS!

I understand how overwhelming parenting can be. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
I am a parent who used to lose her patience, yell, and then feel guilty. Now, I have broken old parenting patterns that were not serving my family and replaced them with new patterns that bring us all closer together.

As a certified parenting coach, I love helping other parents heal family wounds and giving them the tools that will help them create deeper connections within their families! 
I am looking forward to working with you to bring to life the dream you have always envisioned for your own family!

With love,
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